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Our network

The 45 national leisure organizations and their network of individual and collective members testify of the social commitment to leisure of thousands of citizens who, backed by devoted workers, voluntarily consecrate their free time to a cause. The driving force behind this vast citizen take-over of leisure organization is ensuring the accessibility of leisure activities for every individual.

National organizations, regional sport and leisure associations, municipalities, institutions, as well as local and regional organizations, and individual persons are members of the Council.

Moreover, the CQL invites representatives from associative, regional, municipal, institutional and governmental circles to participate in the achievement of major events such as the Forum québécois du loisir (Quebec Leisure Forum), and the follow-up of the World Leisure Congress Quebec 2008, as well as the [Journalism Award for Leisure.] They also participate in the Quebec Leisure and Sports Leadership Training Program; the Cooperative Mechanism for Preserving and Developing Trails, Leisure and Outdoor Recreational Areas; as well as in the Quebec Training Resource Network.