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The organization became known as the Quebec Leisure Council in 1995, and was established as an entity in its own right in 1998, after having been a sub-organization of the umbrella group, the Association of National Leisure Organizations of Quebec (Regroupement des organismes nationaux de loisir du Québec), better known as the Quebec Leisure Association (Regroupement Loisir Québec). It was subsequent to the adoption of the proposals contained in the report from the 1997 task force concerning Governmental Involvement in the Sectors of Sports and Leisure that the new organization was formed and incorporated, thereby ensuring its recognition and financial support from the Government of Quebec.
The Council initially existed as part of the umbrella Association under the banners Inter-departmental Commission for Consultation (Commission de concertation intersectorielle) (1980), President's Commission (Commission des presidents) (1988), and the National Council of Leisure Associations (Conseil national du loisir associatif) (1991). Its mandate included the areas of representation and consultation for national leisure organizations, as well as supervising leisure development in the context of its association's own mission.
As to the origins of the Quebec Leisure Association, they can be traced to the White Paper on Leisure Activities (1979), which resulted in the Quebec Outdoor Activities Federation (Fédération québécoise du plein air) (1972) and the Quebec Leisure Confederation (Confédération des loisirs du Québec) (1969) -- whose own origins extend back to the Provincial Otejist Confederation (1946) -- uniting to form one new body.