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Recognition and Governmental Mandates
The existence and legitimacy of the Quebec Leisure Council (Conseil québécois du loisir) is founded upon the aspirations of its members. It is they who independently determine its mission and direction, helping it to develop as an organization and gain the recognition necessary to obtain the financial means that allow it to achieve its goals.
Through this collective ideal, the Council has established itself and been recognized at a variety of governmental levels. The most significant form of recognition came in the final report from the 1997 task force on Governmental Involvement in the Sectors of Sports and Leisure, which confirmed that "the Quebec Leisure Council plays a leading role in representation and consultation for leisure organizations. We (the Government of Quebec) shall therefore provide the Council with the financial support that will allow it to promote and develop volunteer programs, independently organize leisure activities, organize projects and events for its members, as well as conduct studies and research -- such as economic impact studies -- in the area of leisure activities."1
Recognizing the Council's mission, notably in regards to leisure activities that contribute to the cultural, economic and social development of Quebec, the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports provides the Council funding on an annual basis. This funding allows the Council to carry out its own various projects; to accomplish certain mandates specific to consultation with other leisure associations; to train volunteers and others involved in leisure activity planning; to promote volunteerism in leisure activities; to ensure leisure as a sector and the individuals and groups involved in its development are represented at the national and international levels; and to ensure adequate research and development in the field.
The Council also serves as a unifying entity (leisure sector) for the advisory committee on independent community initiatives, as specified in government policy.
Recognition at the highest echelons also comes from several other ministries and governmental organizations in the form of increased representation, the development of different collaborative initiatives or service agreements, all of which help the Council meet its many objectives.
1 Government of Quebec, Minister of Municipal Affairs. Task force on Governmental Involvement in the Sectors of Sports and Leisure - 1997.