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Co-operative mechanism
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Co-operative mechanism for sustainability and development challenges of outdoor recreation practice areas and hiking trails
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- Mechanism presentation
Action plan in French only 

In October 2007 the CQL, at the request of and
supported by the organizations assembled and represented by it, completed a research addressing the Overview of the Challenges of Developing and Preserving Trails, Leisure and Outdoor Recreational Areas (available for free download:

The results were presented to various individuals involved in leisure and outdoor activities during a seminar held in February 2008. A second seminar took place in March 2009, during which a cooperative mechanism was established in order to develop a strategy to ensure the preservation and development of trails, leisure and outdoor recreational areas.

The objectives of the Cooperative Mechanism for Preserving and Developing Trails, Leisure and Outdoor Recreational Areas are the following:  
  • Build an enduring collaboration among all the actors involved in leisure and outdoor activities and mobilize them;
  • Provoke government collaboration concerning leisure and outdoor activities under the leadership of the MELS, in accordance with its mission;
  • Develop a common viewpoint concerning orientation and areas of intervention;
  • Propose concerted action in response to the different challenges addressed;
  • Make the general public aware of the concerns surrounding leisure and outdoor activities.

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