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Leisure and Sports Leadership Training Program

Beginning in 2007, the ministère de l’Éducation,
du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), through the help of the Secrétariat au loisir et au sport, recognized the responsibility of the CQL to insure the collaborative development of the Quebec Leisure and Sports Leadership Training Program (known as the PFALSQ), whose aim is to establish a uniform standard of quality in sports coordination and to respond to the difficulties of hiring, training and retaining personnel in the various organizations.

The program includes the DAFA (Diploma in Leisure, Sport and Recreational Leadership) which is a basic training designed for future recreational and sports leaders, who are gradually working their way into the leisure world. The DAFA is a proof of quality for the thousands of children who frequent the various places of vacation and leisure activity in Quebec. Other forms of training are also currently being developed, for example, instruction in the accompaniment of handicapped persons.
For more information on the Quebec Leisure and Sports Leadership Training Program or the DAFA, to consult the list of accredited organizations, or to view the course schedule listing, visit: (available only in French).