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Québec Declaration

The 10th World Leisure Congress came to an end on Obtober 10th, 2008 with the proclamation of a common declaration, the Québec Declaration, in the presence of Mr. Michel Beauregard, President of the Congress, Mr. Jean-Paul L’Allier, Honorary Chairman, Mr. Christopher R. Edgington, Secretary General and Mr. Derek Casey, President of the World Leisure Organisation, Mr. Régis Labaume, Mayor of Québec City, Mr. André Thibault, President of the Program Committee, Mr. Lee Kwang-jun, Mayor of Chuncheon, and Mr. Son Eun Nam, President of the World Leisure Congress 2010.
“We have good reason to be happy that 2,500 people from more than fifty countries made themselves heard for the proclamation of this official declaration which contends that leisure has an essential positive impact on the quality of life of individuals, communities and societies, and that they have solemnly committed to uphold and put into practice its principles for the common good”, rejoiced Michel Beauregard.

Downloade the Québec Declaration

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